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What to Do If QuickBooks Payroll is Not Calculating Taxes?

Employers are accountable to pay FICA and FUTA federal payroll taxes before the due date. This is the most significant responsibility that every employer must fulfill without any delay. Today, QuickBooks Payroll software has made it quite easy for the employers as they can now calculate federal taxes without any manual intervention. And it is all done within an hour.

But sometimes, the users find QuickBooks federal withholding not correct due to some technical errors in the Payroll software. This is undoubtedly an annoying situation for all employers as they cannot pay taxes until the issue is fixed. Due to some technical issues, your QuickBooks Payroll software may act in such a way.


This article contains general troubleshooting procedures for QuickBooks Payroll, which you can use to understand the real reason for QuickBooks not calculating payroll taxes error. Additionally, you will also find some easy steps to learn how to fix payroll mistakes in QuickBooks.

Your QuickBooks Payroll software calculates

  • Federal Unemployment (FUTA)
  • Social Security,
  • Medicare,
  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) and
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI)

If an error hits your Payroll software and it starts calculating incorrect taxes and other important elements, then the amount may reflect on the checks as below:

  • Tax amount shows $0.00
  • The collected tax amount is incorrect
  • It continues deducting taxes even after the annual limit
  • All tax items don’t show on check

Here are some circumstances when your QuickBooks payroll won’t calculate taxes correctly:

· If the tax calculation is seen on a particular check

· If quarter or year to date taxes are incorrect

· If everything has been set up correctly in payroll and employees, however you are unable to find the reasons


All these conditions may develop incorrect tax calculation in your Payroll software. And these are the circumstances when should get support on QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes from experienced professionals. It is always necessary to contact certified ProAdvisiors for a reliable and effective QuickBooks payroll support if you really want to resolve the issue.

Some reliable ProAdvisiors are offering help and support on QuickBooks payroll won’t calculate taxes through their toll-free QuickBooks payroll support phone number in a real time. When it comes to fixing the Payroll calculating incorrect taxes issues, you may have to implement a slew of troubleshooting steps. And it can only be executed with the help of a reliable QuickBooks payroll error support service.


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